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Why hasn't my website been reviewed yet?

  • Before a page can be reviewed it needs to have our code placed on it and the code needs to be working. Unfortunately a lot of time was spent reviewing pages which never went to air because the code was never inserted.
    If you need help inserting the code correctly OR you would like the website Pre-reviewed because you are uncertain whether it qualifies Please contact us

Can Managed Links be used in conjuction with ads such as Googles adsense?

  • Yes Our links do not effect any advertising or other campaign. we supply on page text links. we do not supply any form of pay per click advertising.

Is Managed Links really different from Reciprocal links?

Do you review all sites

  • Yes we regularly review sites for content and quality, if you are a link farm etc.. don't waste your time and ours by applying, you will not be approved.

What sites can join?

  • All sites are welcome, Provided they are in some way useful to the public and contain unique content. see here for more details

Does my site need PR (pagerank) to qualify

  • Yes before we can approve a site it must already have some PR a site showing 0 PR cannot be approved. You can check your PR here. We do not accept banned sites.

Do I have to put the links on my main page?

  • Yes and No, Please see here for a full description of the exceptions.
  • Please note if you have our link on your main page eg: you qualify for unlimited hits if your link is on other pages we provide a 1 for 1 service ie: for each hit you send we show your site once.

Can I disable the links

  • Yes you are not bound by any agreement to maintain the links, if you wish to disable the links for a short period this can be done from your Management Page.
  • If you remove the links from your page our system detects this and stops sending hits within five minutes.
  • Cheats. Some people have taken to putting links on their page and then removing them after approval. as our system stops sending hits within five minutes of this happening it is a wasted effort.

Can I make the text links match other links on my page?

My pages are not PHP or ASP pages can I still use this service?

  • Yes, but a little bit of programming is required, please contact us here
  • you may also want to try our new compatibility test
  • You can make standard html pages behave like PHP
  • A similar trick can be applied to make html behave like ASP pages


Can I create "tracking URLS"

  • Yes, just add something like "?$text" to the end of the url the "$text" will be replaced by the keyword used.
    E.g.:$text or$text

Can you install the code for us ?

  • Yes, no charge, provided the job is relatively simple, please contact us here

Do you allow adult websites?

  • Yes, If you have both adult and non adult sites please register twice, once for each.

Is this safe?

  • Yes. We take security very seriously. No one can interfere with your site, not even us.

You aren't running categories... why?

  • This will change as soon as we have enough links to make it worthwhile, we do have two categories adult and non adult, this decision is made by the site reviewer.

My Web site is a personal site or blog can I still register?

  • No, Sorry we are looking for commercial or sites which have a wide audience, if your site is say a hobby site with lots of unique content, then please apply, if it is family pic's and personal stuff then sorry no we cannot accept your site.

Why is your spelling wrong on this website?

  • My spelling is fine! being from Australia we spell many words slightly differently to people from the US, especially words ending in -ise Americans use -ize. But I am not immune to spelling mistakes if you see one please advise us.
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