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I am often asked about whether or not a site has been banned from google.

Many people assume the worst because they can't find their site under their preferred search word or phrase.

Getting banned from google is harder than it may appear. and most simply aren't indexed.

If you use what is commonly known as "black hat" techniques its a sure fire way of getting banned. Simply making mistakes generally won't get you evicted from their serps all togethers.

Are You Banned?

It is easy to tell just check your PageRank if its 0 then you may either be not rated yet OR you may in fact be banned, the next step is to search for incoming links.

If your site is new then you are not banned you need to be more patient. If your site is over a couple of months old you must have incoming links, without them you will neither be banned nor have PR and unless your doing something special you won't have visitors either.

To search for incoming links is simple. go to yahoo and then search for your domain using this format


at the top of the results you will see the line

Results 1 - 10 of about 437,000 for links: - 0.33 sec

This is the number of incoming links to your site. If you have a few, have been in business longer than a couple of months and have no PR then the chance is you are indeed banned.

How can I fix it?

Fixing a banned site is complicated, it depends on a lot of factors, but all those factors are in your control. so it can be fixed.

Is it worth it? If your site is established and has a lot of incoming links. Then yes it is worth it.

Don't be fooled by the "expert" who says he can fix it and then proceeds to buy you a new domain name. He is not fixing it he is starting again. Which means starting everything again. This is worth it only if your domain is new and has few incoming links but for most of us the work we have put into our website involves a tremendous amount of effort. effort that would be wasted by this simplistic fix.

A word of warning here...

DON'T E-MAIL GOOGLE! thats right, lots of people will say e-mail google and ask to be "unbanned". if you do you will be putting your site in grave danger of a permanent ban!

Fix your site first. double check it. get others to check it. fix your incoming links. double check them. get others to check them.

Then and only then should you consider a carefully worded message to google. If you fail to do this and they decide you are still breaching their TOS then the next attempt will fall on deaf ears. They are busy and cannot waste time on time wasters.

What do I fix?

I cannot answer that here, the list is endless. but it also is simple common sense. some may not appear obvious such as hidden text that does not appear to be hidden. design errors such as unclosed html tags. lots of simple things and lots of more complicated things such as your "whois" record. yes you have one or at least your domain does.

If you need extra assistance contact us via our service form we can help.



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