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To be considered for entry into the managed links program, the main requirement is for a website to have useful content.

Useful that is to the intended audience!

The content must be yours or reasonably unique to you.
The purpose of the site must be to showcase or sell your product.
Or to be informational without propaganda.


Before submitting to this program please ask yourself, What is the purpose of my site?

If your site is a commercial venture.

  • Is the content unique to you?
  • Does the site provide the surfer with a positive experience?

If the site is informational?

  • Is the information of real value to a surfer, such as a 'how to' site. i.e.: how to repair your car, how to sell your house.

If you answered yes to any of the above you will probably qualify. Register Now

Affiliate style sites

If the site is designed as a lead in page to an affiliate program, then it now qualifies under the affiliations program. simply mark the affiliate box when registering.

Example sites that sell e-books etc.. the exception is if you are the actual author of the book and not just an affiliate, if this is the case the register as per normal.

Personal sites

Sorry we do not accept 'personal' sites such as blogs, family homepages etc.

If you are at all unsure send an e-mail to us with the link to your site and we will pre-review it for you.



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