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Up until now there has been two main types of text links (excludes advertising)

  1. Reciprocal (where you swap links with another site)
  2. Organic (where you do nothing and hope someone likes you enough to link to you)


Enter The "Managed Links System™"

Instead of creating static links from one web site to another (the classic Reciprocal or 'one to one' link) The Managed Links System™ potentially displays your link on hundreds of pages, it does this by rotating the available links through each registered websites page.

So say for example you have a web page, if that page is loaded 100 times by people (or search engines) it will display 300 different links. Importantly though, your web page will never display more than 3 links at one time.

Conversely your link would be displayed on 300 different sites.

What this means is you get 300 different sites linking to yours (many to one).

To achieve this using traditional links would require a web page with 300 different reciprocal links on it (one to many).

We have seen these sites, so chock full of links no one knows what they really do.

A bonus with the Managed Link System is you don't have to send out hundreds of e-mails hoping for a response from the site you want to reciprocate with.

Other advantages are you can change your link text and description anytime you want.

The link text is important because it is this that the search engines use to help it determine what your website is about.
The link description also aids in this, but certainly not to the same degree.

Standard reciprocal links do not give any where near this level of control.

There are other systems that do "similar" but they take the easy way and use javascripting. The downfall with this approach is search engines do not follow javascripted links. so you would receive no PageRank advantage.

You may ask. What happens if the search engine spider visits a site and my link isn't there at the time?

The system is designed quite deliberately as a hit and miss system.

The spider will follow the link to your site on only some of the sites it visits. This is by design not a failing, the whole idea is that the spider can never determine whether the link is artificial or not (reciprocal=artificial) and therefore will not penalise or ignore the links weighting.

I hope this makes our system a little clearer.

The best part is as an early adopter the whole system is free.



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