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Not all links are equal

When a search engine is calculating the value of a link to your web site it takes into account where the link is located.

If the link is from the main or home page of another web site it is given more importance than if it is buried deep within the site.

For this reason it is essential to keep the links as close to the front page of a web site as possible.

At managed links the links to you come from the linking websites main page(s). that is the one they are promoting and therefore have the most importance.

Exceptions to the rule

The purpose of the Managed Links system is to provide maximum search exposure for ALL our affiliates, Search engines generally give the first page on your site the highest ranking. So we prefer to see the links on that page.

The exception is if you have no other outgoing links on that page.

In other words if you only have links to other pages within your own web site then you can place our links on one or more of those other pages.

If you have other outgoing links to other domains on your main page (even if you own those other domains) then we expect our links to be placed on the main page.

Links to advertisers such as google adsense qualify as outgoing links.


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