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What is Link Dilution

When a search engine looks at a web page it classifies links into internal and external.

Internal are links that go to web pages on the same site.
External links are links that go to other web sites.

If a web page has too many external links the value of each link is reduced. Therefore a site that specialise in links to other sites will have very little value, this is the problem with most directories. They may have a very high PR but because the PR is shared amongst many links each link gets a very small boost if any at all.

We do not put you on long lists of links. By doing so we would only be doing you a disservice. Instead you are linked from pages with very few external links. You will not find a list of "Linked Sites" anywhere on managed links.

For this reason and for aesthetics we limit the number of links we provide to each page to just 3 or 4 ensuring each link gets its fair share of weighting.

We also do not allow any sites that have excessive external links, excessive external links cause a problem known as PR bleed. By having too many outgoing links your sites importance bleeds away.

Too many external links also bleed away customers. So if you can maximise your incoming links without having to have too many outgoing links you are in a better position.


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