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Beginners guide to understanding Search Engines

Search engines are fighting the good fight (well some anyway) They are attempting to locate the most relevant information on the Internet. Relevant that is to your question.

They do this by searching the web for pages that may be related to words you type into the search phrase box.

So how do they find this information?

They do it by following links from one web page to the next reading what is on each page. These links are text links like the ones in our menu, search engines either cannot or have great trouble following other links such as images, flash or javascript.

The search engine then counts every word on the page and enters them into a database.

When you type in some words like "managed links" the search engine then looks up the database to find those words and what sites included them.

These are then returned to you in a list of possible matches.

The trouble was, unscrupulous people got smart, and there are a lot of them they realised all they had to do was flood the web page with the words they think you might type, even if those words were totally unrelated to what was on their page.

This was called spamdexing, filling a search engines results with unrelated spam.

Search engines evolved to try and stop this practice by analysing what was on the page, they tried to read it as a human does. But in truth this cost too much in time and processing power, so it was only partially used. And spamming of the index simply evolved to make the words appear more relevant.

Then came along Google.

The founders of Google reasoned that the more real people who placed links from their page to your page then your page was more important and less likely to be spam. This they put into a complicated formula and "Page Rank" was born.

With this as the basis they created Google the most successful search engine to date.

But spammers don't simply give up and go away. They upped the anti and started working on creating artificial links these links are called reciprocal links and go along the lines of. "if I link to you will you link to me?"

Google is fighting back. It actively ferrets out these links and either negates the value of the link or may even punish you for having one. Even if your intention was not to fool the search engine for example if you have several products each with their own domain name.

Unfortunately the majority of the Internet community is caught in this battle, you may have recently suffered from 'Chicago' Google's boldest attempt to squeeze out these fake links. a lot were caught in the crossfire including ourselves and this gave rise to the Managed Link System™.



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