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What is a Reciprocal Link?

A reciprocal link is a shared link between two web sites on a one to one basis, until now they have proved very popular.

Why were they popular? Because they would artificially increase your sites "calculated importance" or "Page Rank" in Google speak

By using this technique web sites would attempt to improve their search engine positioning by bargaining with other web sites.

The bargain was simple site 1 would want to increase his PR (page rank) so he would look for a suitable web site to link with. He would approach the webmaster by e-mail requesting a link and would offer to place a link from his site to her site.

Web site 1 ========> web site 2 (the initial link as an offer of goodwill)

If the second site was receptive she would provide a reciprocal link back to site 1.

Web site 1< ======== web site 2 (the reciprocal link)

Problems with this approach

  • Lots of leg work. For every 10 e-mail's you send most would be ignored
  • To get enough links to make it worthwhile you need lots of outgoing links cluttering up your web site
  • The web site you connect to may drop you down the site after a short time reducing your relevance or may even delete your link without telling you.
  • Ongoing maintenance ensuring the above does not happen
  • Reciprocal links are very easy to detect and modern search engines are not impressed with this.
  • Some search engines may actually negate the value of the link or even drop you further down the search engine index.

How is Managed Links different? - Here -

Please note. I am not saying don't do reciprocal links, reciprocals are still a part of your marketing campaign. and have a place on your site. Just be aware that they may not be helping you as much as you may think.



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