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What is the "Text Link Feed"?

This is the backbone of our service, and what makes us different from other linking services.

When you sign up to our service you get some important code to place on your web page.

This code is executed(run) by your web server and contacts our web server every time someone loads your web page into their browser.

Your web server talks to our server and asks for our server to send the links to display on the page.

This is how we provide "text links" that are also dynamic, without the need for you to regularly update any of your pages.

Therefore if a site is dropped from our service for a breach of terms that could cause your site to be in some way penalised by a search engine. It is immediately removed from all links.

If you were to find a hand created link that caused you problems it might take weeks or even months to get the webmaster to remove it.

Your customers are unaware of this feed, it happens transparently in the background, if there are any problems the links are simply not displayed.


Example Text Links
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