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What are keywords and why are they important?

Keywords are what people use to search for your web site, they may be a product name or class of product.

Put simply Keywords are the most important thing to a webmaster. You live and die by your keywords.

Pick the wrong keyword and you may get lots of customers but no sales or signups, pick the right keyword and you might get fewer customers but more sales.

When a search engine tries to classify your page it looks for words that are likely to describe what a page is about. it looks for these words both on the page and on incoming links leading to that page.

Therefore it is very important to be able to specify what words people use when linking to you. If you simply wait for people to provide links to you they may not use the words you would like them to.

Even if they do most web sites are dynamic and you may want to change them, by virtue of our link feed you can instantly change the keywords that appear on other web pages.

To help with your keyword campaign we have recently introduced a new tool called write-ups. It allows you to create a keyword rich article and post it here on the Managed Links web site.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of the keywords that may apply to your web site. its hard to get into the average surfers head and think about what words they will use when seeking your product.

To help with this I suggest signing up for googles ad words and then using their keyword tool. its a great help.


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