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What do you need to participate?

  1. To participate in Managed Links you need either PHP or ASP pages (90% of websites)
  2. You will also need to be able to add some special code to your page(s)
  3. We can assist in every way possible if you are unsure of what to do

Important If you are unsure we can remotely test your site to determine what functionality it has.

Who can participate?

Almost any site can participate, we only ask that you stick to some simple rules for the benefit of all.

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Sites that are specifically banned

Actions that will get you banned

  • No attempt is to be made to hide the links on the page. The links can be at the bottom of the page as long as the page does not contain elements designed to force the user to scroll down excessively.
  • No attempts are to be made to prevent search engines from spidering the page, this includes but is not limited to a robots.txt file
  • No Popups/Popunders* or mousetraps*. Cloaking*, Redirection's* or blind links*.


To ensure conformance we will spider the sites on a regular basis. We will also personally visit the web site.
Any site not complying will be removed and permanently barred.

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    Cloaking : scripted or server based technology that allows different pages to be served depending on the visitor, often used to trick search engines

    Mousetrap: an attempt to prevent the user from either closing the page or spawning multiple popups on exit, forcing the user to constantly close new opening pages

    Popup/popunder : opening a new window when the user enters or exits a page

    Redirection's : causing the user to be involuntarily taken to a different page. Either immediately or delayed.

    Blind Links : links that are deliberately misleading, leading the user somewhere they didnt expect.



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