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What is a free for all or Link Farm?

A free for all is a linking program where any one can place a link to their web site.

These are very low grade link sites which perform next to no checking of the site that it is linking to. And thus are usually spammed by hundreds and thousands of low quality sites.

Are they really free?

The target of these services are webmasters, free for alls do not care about your customers, or your search engine placement.

Remember nothing is free, so what is the advantage of running such a service?

  • E-mail addresses, most ask for your e-mail address this is then probably onsold and you receive spam
  • Advertising, these pages are usually crammed with adverts. Remember you the webmaster is the target not surfers so the FFA hopes you will follow one of the ads while thinking about adding your site.
  • Reciprocal links, other webmasters follow the link from your page to theirs. increasing their profit not yours.



Having your site listed on a free for all website may actually damage your web sites rankings. Worse still if you provide a reciprocal link to the FFA. Which is often required by the owner of the FFA. You may actually be seen as linking to a "bad neighborhood" and search engines may even remove you from their index altogether.

Most reputable webmasters would not use Free for alls or link farms, the risk of damage is far too high.



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